Leonard Peltier

In South Dakota between 1972 - 1976 ... numerous beatings, rapes and "accidents" occurred. Chief Frank Fools Crow reported that ... "official police figures show a much lower total, we Oglalas claim that more than one unsolved [and uninvestigated!] murder a week was committed at Pine Ridge in 1975 and that a total of eighty had been reached by mid-October.

The violence instigated by the U.S. government backed tribal leader Dick Wilson was aimed at destroying members of the American Indian Movement (AIM) and their supporters and families. This same "tribal leader" considered the traditional holy man Frank Fools Crow an enemy! Grandfather Fools Crow said that Indians such as Dick Wilson do not understand or support our traditional culture. ... Neverless, said the peace loving Holy Man, April 1975, ... "my live [was] openly threatened by Wilson supporters ... And after this our little house was ransacked and burned to the ground."

In this environment of terror that, on June 26, 1975, two FBI agents drove onto the Pine Ridge reservation, without notice or a warrant. (On the day before this incident Dick Wilson was in Washington D.C. negotiating the sale of one-eight of the Lakota people's reservation land to the federal government without their consent!) A shoot-out occured, leaving agents Williams and Coler and a Native American, Joe Stuntz, dead.

Of the four men eventually indicted for the murder of the agents, (no one was charged with the killing of the American Indian) one was released due to "weak" evidence. Robideau and Butler were acquitted in July 1976 when a jury concluded that although they had fired at the agents, they had done so in self defense.
Leonard Peltier was the fourth man indicted on these very same charges, but not tried until the following year, after FBI coerced and intimidated a single mom (who feared for herself & child) into signing a false statement in order that Leonard Peltier be extradited from Canada. (U.S. Government prosecutors have since admitted these affidavits were fabricated. Canadian government officials are working to have Leonard returned due to the fraudulent extradition). The Justice Dept. has admitted they do not know who killed the agents, yet Native American Leonard Peltier has been serving two life sentences for that incident for the past 16 years.

Leonard's case has been the subject of numerous book, TV and film projects (including TV's 60 Minutes, Robert Redford's "Incident at Oglala"). 20 million private citizens, 60 U.S. Congressmen, 50 members of the House of Representatives, 51 members of the Canadian Parliament plus the New Democratic Party of Canada, the National Association of Defense Lawyers, the Archbishop of Canterbury and the Nobel Peace Prize winner Bishop Desmond Tutu, have asked the White House for a new trial for Leonard Peltier.

Leonard was awarded the International Human Rights Prize by Human Rights Commission of Spain. As of July 1992, the process of nominating him for the Nobel Peace Prize is underway.

Sen. Daniel Inouye, D-HI, chairman of the U.S. Senate Select Committee on Indian Affairs and Congressman Don Edwards, chairman of the House Judiciary Committee Subcommittee on Civil and Constitutional Rights have led the fight for Leonard on Capitol Hill.
(from: Coverbook of the CD "In the spirit of Crazy Horse - Songs for Leonard Peltier; Four Winds Trading Company, Boulder CO; USA)

It is more than unworthy of a country which pretend having the best jurisdiction in the world, send someone into prison under this conditions.
You can also help to release Mr. Leonard Peltier. Send these prepared e-mails with a little note to:

This is the note : the President of the United States of America
  Dear Mr. President,
I believe that Leonard Peltier did not recieve a fair trial
and I urge you to consider a commutation of
Mr. Peltier's sentence or a Presidential pardon.
I respectfully await your replay.
the Vice-President of the United States of America

January 20, 2001 is a grim and shameful day. We must confirm that President Clinton, despite all his good words this week about racial unity, "One America", and healing historical injustices, has denied clemency to Leonard Peltier. We do not know why.
WE MUST STAY TOGETHER AND KEEP ON FIGHTING FOR JUSTICE FOR LEONARD. Write to your Senators and Reps push for declassifications and investigations. You can download a sample letter (daschle.doc or daschle.pdf) from the LPDC an send it to the following addresses:

write to: BILL CLINTON

Office of the former President, Bill Clinton
Washington, DC 20503-0730

Senator Tom Daschle
2nd and C Sts., NE
Washington, DC 20510

Thank you for your support !

For more information you can download the documentation:

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  homepage from the "Leonard Peltier Defense Committee".
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